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Referral and Script

Referral and Script


Higher Medicare rebates are available for specialist’s services if you are referred by your GP. This assists in ensuring your specialist is made aware of any relevant information that may be needed to assist in your care.

Please ensure that you check with your specialist’s secretary about whether you referral is up to date when you make your specialist appointment. If not please make an appointment to see your doctor prior to your specialist appointment. Medicare does not allow referrals to be backdated, so if you want to obtain the higher rebate for your specialist visit please see your doctor prior to seeing the specialists.


It is important that you are reviewed prior to issuing scripts to reassess your progress and review if it is appropriate for you to continue on that medication and that dose. Therefore if you are on your last repeat please ring and make an appointment so you don’t run out of it. Scripts will not be written without review, except in exceptional circumstances.